Play together!

As a KHPE member you will be part of our great association. Workshops, special rehearsal days or fun outings are regularly organised to strengthen the bond between the members. And every year there is a festive closing of the season with performances, where family members are also welcome. In order to organize all this, each member - and with youth members: their caretakers/parents - is expected to do his or her bit. This varies from helping to set up the percussion, organizing activities such as the Saint Nicholas Festival or collecting for new musical instruments or further sustainable investments.

Aspiring members who are not yet able to play an instrument are supervised by the study programme committee in which the study programme route is discussed. If you are already an advanced musician, we offer you the opportunity to get to know the club and its members 4 to 5 times without any obligation. During this period, we will determine which orchestra is the best for you to start with. Before you move on or join a particular orchestra, an appointment will be made to play for the conductor. This will allow us to check whether you have the desired level for that orchestra. This is also to protect yourself so that you can follow and play the rehearsals and concerts well. If this is not at the desired level, we suggest you take lessons for a while before playing in the wind orchestra. The training orchestra will then offer you the opportunity to practice your musical ensemble playing.

According to our statutes you will be voted as a member of our association at the next general meeting.

Music lessons

As a member of Phileutonia you can get lessons at the music school or with our own, qualified, teachers through the association. The education committee can arrange this for you.


An instrument can be borrowed from the association. The deposit for this is €100. After the instrument and accessories have been returned in good condition, the deposit will be refunded. You are responsible for the correct use of the instrument. If there is no instrument in stock, an instrument will be rented for a period of six months. The use of your own instrument is allowed. If you consider purchasing an instrument yourself, Phileutonia can also pre-finance the purchase with a refund during a repayment period, in addition to the supplier. This can be arranged in consultation with the treasurer.


By registering as a member, one undertakes to pay the dues and other contributions due in advance by means of direct debit. When registering, an authorization form is filled in and signed.

The membership fee is determined by the members in a general meeting with retroactive effect from the beginning of the relevant calendar year.

The contribution amounts per quarter are determined as follows:

Adult > 18 years

  • From 1st quarter after reaching the age of 18 € 52,50

Youth member

  • Up to and including the quarter in which the age of 18 is reached € 30.00

Special Member

  • Free

Resting member*

  • Contribution equal to youth member € 30,00

A resting member is not entitled to participate in rehearsals and performances, nor is he entitled to an instrument of the association on loan.

Existing, deviating contribution agreements or payment methods from the past with members remain in force.

Advantages of membership

Becoming a member of our association therefore has a number of advantages for making music in groups for a wide audience:

  • Play together in a good orchestra
  • Loan an instrument
  • Improve your play
  • Social
  • Friends with other musicians
  • Great concerts on good stages and fun activities with often a musical approach.

Stop membership

Membership can only be terminated at the end of each quarter. This can be done in writing or by e-mail (secretaris[at]}, latest 2 week before end of quarter at the secretary of the band.

Register yourself as member of guest-player.