Concert Band with Robbert Vos

Since 2016 the wind orchestra has been conducted by conductor Robbert Vos. Robbert knows how to enthuse musicians in a pleasant way to make great music.

The wind orchestra plays in the first division of the Brabantse Bond van Muziekgezelschappen part of the KNMO. The wind orchestra consists of approximately 65 persons, with all instruments represented. Most musicians are between 24 and 50 years young. The wind band provides various events in which quality and music are paramount to offer an experience to the public.

Rehearsal: The wind orchestra practises weekly on Monday evening from 8pm to 10.30pm in Gasterij de Harmonie on the Hoogstraat Eindhoven. For important performances, extra rehearsals may be included where the brass and wood sections of the orchestra practice pieces of music separately from each other.

Orkest committee: The orchestra committee, consisting of a reflection of various instrument groups, programs the activities of the orchestra and chooses, together with the conductor, the music to be played. A healthy balance is sought in original wind music, classical arrangements, musical and popular music. The aim is to create a fun and interesting, educational programme for both the musician and the audience, so that everyone can find their musical challenge in it.

Could you do it? Interested in our possibilities and the music training we provide? Click here or come and have a look at one of our practice evenings. As you can read, all orchestras in Gasterij de Harmonie rehearse on Monday evening. Feel free to drop by and get to know us.

Robbert Vos plays Euphonium at the Marine Chapel of the Dutch Navy. He is also in great demand as a soloist with various associations in the Netherlands and abroad. In 2008 he continued his education with the Master of Music HaFaBra conducting study at the Utrecht Conservatory with teacher Danny Oosterman. In 2010 he graduated cum laude. During this study he also followed the minor trombone with Albert Zuijderduin and took lessons with Bernard Beniers. Besides Phileutonia Robbert also conducts Brassband Schoonhoven – A.

Starting September 2011 Marianke Hobé is the musical leader of the training orchestra. Marianke was born in Aalte in 1989, where she started playing the flute and became acquainted with harmony life. Marianke studied ‘Teaching Music’ at the Enschede Conservatory and in 2010 she completed this course. Afterwards she studied to become a conductor at the conservatory in Tilburg.

At present Marianke stands for a number of youth orchestras, was the conductor of the fanfare St. Cecilia in Vessem, she leads the training orchestra of O&U from Beek en Donk and Deurne and is also second conductor of the harmony in Deurne. Currently she is internal conductor for St. Cecilia in Lieshout. Finally she has a job as a teacher at the secondary school in Gemert.

Youth / Educations bands with Bianca Schattorie and Marianke Hobé

The instaporkest is led by Bianca Schattorie and the training orchestra has been led by conductor Marianke Hobé since 2011. Both guide the youth members of the association in learning to play together in an orchestral context.

Instaporkest: Once you have started learning to play an instrument it is good to play together. For this we started in 2015 with an instaporkest. Here you play simple polyphonic parts so you quickly learn to listen to your fellow musicians. The instaporkest practises weekly on Monday evening from 18.00h to 18.45h in Gasterij de Harmonie on the Hoogstraat in Eindhoven and is also led by Bianca Schattorie.

The youth education orchestra is especially meant for beginning musicians (young and old) who are already sufficiently proficient in playing their instrument (HaFaBra A/B level or at least two years of music lessons). This orchestra gives them the opportunity to play music together under the direction of a professional conductor and is also a preparation for playing in the wind orchestra. They prepare themselves to move on to the wind band by means of an internship. In order to play in the wind orchestra you need to be able to play at diploma C level.

The training orchestra practises weekly on Monday evening from 18.50h to 19.45h in Gasterij de Harmonie on the Hoogstraat in Eindhoven and is led by Marianke Hobé.


Within the wind orchestra we have three groups. The wood group, brass group and percussion group. Each group can occasionally perform together, for example as a clarinet ensemble, as a brass ensemble or as a percussion group. The wood group consists of all wood instruments such as clarinet, es clarinet, bass clarinet, flute, picollo, oboe, alto oboe, alto oboe, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone and bassoon. The brass band consists of bass-tuba, euphonium, trombone, trumpet, cornet, flugelhorn and horn.

Rehearse: Repetition without musical activities is not fun. It goes without saying that you have to rehearse in order to improve ensemble playing with the aim of performing the music as well as possible at a concert. Not rehearsing at home and not appearing often at rehearsals means that you have to realize that together we do not perform optimally. It is up to the board and conductor to keep the balance optimal, so that you make the best possible effort to make music together as well as possible. We have various concerts and activities throughout the year.


The percussion group plays on tuned and un-tuned percussion such as timpani, gr. drum, xylophone, vibraphone, klr. drum, chimes, 4 toms and drums and numerous percussion instruments and currently consists of 5-8 percussionists. The percussion group is an important part (backbone) of the wind orchestra. Because our group of percussionists is growing, they also want to rehearse together as a percussion group and rehearse nice pieces of music. This under the guidance of an instructor who studies the music pieces. In addition, the percussionists play as a drum band when the association provides a walk or serenade. During such a walk or serenade they play walking or tambour marches on small drums, deep drums, drum and cymbals. Very instructive for your rhythm feeling and a good braintrainer because you all have to learn the tambourmarsen from the outside.

Workshop: That’s why the rehearsal visit to Phileutonia is good. We want to keep it that way! The choice of music is tuned to the performance and the expected audience as here at Eindhoven PROMS. During the year we organize extra musical activities for our members in the form of group rehearsals or workshops. These workshops are led by an experienced musician who has mastered the instrument down to the last detail. We also organize rehearsal days where the musicians rehearse in groups led by our own conductor Robbert Vos or a colleague of his.

Meet our management

Clemens Mathijssen


Clemens has been playing percussion since 11 years and later started playing with euphonium. Since he was 16 years old, Clemens has been involved in various functions in the management of wind orchestras.

Erwin Brock

Financial controller

Erwin has been playing trombone for years and keeps a close eye on the finances of the club. Erwin often applies for project subsidies.

Marina Bergerhof


Marina plays the clarinet and keeps an eye on the administrative affairs of the association and takes care of the registrations. Marina manages the materials / instruments of the association.

Saskia van Gennip


Saskia grew up with the ladle at Phileutonia. Saskia plays flute and mainly arranges the activities of the study programmes together with the study programme committee.

Dominique van Mullem

concert band management

Dominique plays the horn in the wind orchestra and accompanies the activities of the wind orchestra together with the orchestra committee.

Anneke Filmer


Anneke plays the clarinet in the wind orchestra and arranges all activities of the training orchestra with the education committee.

Martin Basting


Martin plays percussion and coordinates the percussion group and is a member of the orchestra committee.

Birgit van Oene

general management

Birgit has been with Phileutonia from an early age. Besides playing the horn she is always involved in activities and arranging……………….


marketing & communication

Wij zoeken nog een bestuurslid dat goed is met tekst en de PR voor de vereniging verzorgt.