Don’t you play an instrument yet?

Come and try out instruments and get free trial lessons!

At our association everyone, young and old, can learn to play a musical instrument. Making music together is not only very fun but also very educational.

Do you already know which instrument you would like to play? Then you can try it out with us. You will receive free trial lessons from one of our experienced musicians, so you know if this instrument suits you completely. You can borrow the instrument from us. If you want to continue with music lessons, then you look for a good music teacher. Phileutonia can help you with this, we have contacts with CKE, 040 music and several self-employed music teachers. If you become a member of our association you can rent the instrument from us, which costs € 60, – per year. Faster than you think you can join our Entry Level Band. This is very instructive and above all a lot of fun. You don’t know yet which instrument suits you? Then our workshop Windpower 6 is perfect for you!

You don’t know yet which instrument suits you? Then our Windforce 6 workshop is for you!

Do you already play an instrument?

How nice that you are already making music. At Phileutonia we love to make music together and you can join us. If you haven’t had music lessons for a very long time yet, you can start with the Entry Level Band. Together you will make simple, polyphonic music under the direction of a conductor. You learn a lot from this ensemble playing and it is also very sociable. If you have had music lessons for some time and you play at about A level, you can join the Youth Band. A fully-fledged orchestra conducted by a professional conductor. The music pieces are more challenging, and all genres come by.The Youth Band also performs regularly and we organise fun music projects. Just drop by on the rehearsal evenings and bring your instrument along!

One time workshop

Especially for the elementary school and the after-school care we can provide custom made workshops. Depending on the age of the children, the size of the group and the amount of time we have, we make a nice program around wind music. In a playful way we teach children rhythm exercises, windmusic exercises and introduce the children to different instruments. Of course, they can also try the instruments themselves. Would your school or after-school care like a fun music lesson with real musical instruments? Then please contact us. We ask a fee for organizing a workshop.


Wind Class and Workshops

In collaboration with 040muziek, we can organise a wind class project at your primary school. This is a music program of about 9 weeks in which the professional teachers of 040muziek come to teach you in your classroom. Everyone can borrow an instrument from us and during school hours a piece of music will be rehearsed for a few weeks. Of course, you will give a concert with your whole class at school and if possible, you will come with the whole class to join our Youth Band. If you would like to continue with the music lessons after this project, you can arrange this with 040muziek. You can rent an instrument from our association. Would your school also like to participate? Please contact us



Phileutonia organises three workshops Windpower 6 every six months especially for children aged 8 and over. A good way to get to know all the instruments of the wind orchestra. We work with rhythm, make music together with boomwhackers, investigate how all instruments sound and the best part is of course that you can try them all out yourself. We also have a look at the Youth Band. All participants of Windpower 6 can then use a few free trial lessons on one of the instruments. Instructive, accessible and lots of fun. Register via the registration form!

Choose instrument

In our association you can choose from all the instruments that you will find in a wind orchestra. They are all listed above.

Start fast

If you have learned to play some notes on your instrument, you can already play with the Entry Level Band.

Many different music

We play lots of different music styles. Pop, classical, musical, film music and much more. We perform this music during our concerts for family, friends, and everyone who is interested. Every year we try to organize a special project to get acquainted with different facets of wind music.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, in principle you can learn to play a musical instrument from the age of 8. The limitation to start young depends on the choice of the instrument and whether you are physicaly able to play it well. With brass instruments such as trumpet, horn and trombone, the teeth are an important subject. With wood instruments such as clarinet and saxophone, the hands must be large enough to be able to operate all the valves.
The cost of the music lesson depends on who provides the lessons. At Phileutonia we try to keep the costs as low as possible. We offer free trial lessons by experienced musicians of the association and the possibility to borrow an instrument from the association during the trial lessons.
The rates of music lessons depend on the teacher and location but are often somewhere between 25 and 50 Euro per hour. How long the duration of lesson is you agree with your teacher. You often start with approximately 30 minutes per lesson.
Membership up to the age of 18 costs € 10,00 per month. The rent of an instrument of the association costs € 60.00 per year.
The adult and experienced members of the wind orchestra often give the first trial lessons and if possible, they can continue this for a little while longer. However, after the trial period, we encourage you to take lessons with a professional music teacher. That is why there are several professional teachers connected to Phileutonia for clarinet, trombone, trumpet, flute, etc. We also work together with CKE and 040muziek.
Once you are comfortably playing several different musical notes you join the Entry Level Band. When you play at approximately A level you can move on to the Youth Band. There you will continue playing until you have reached C level for most instruments before you move to the Concert Band, always in consultation with the conductor(s).
The education committee organizes various other activities besides making music. Think of workshops, camp weekend, year-end activities.