Although the contribution and the municipal subsidy together represent a considerable amount, these revenues are far from covering costs. Not surprising when you consider how much a wind band has to pay: training, conductor, room hire, purchase and maintenance of instruments, insurance etc. Phileutonia therefore appeals to people who care about our association.

The Friends of Phileutonia Foundation aims to (financially) support Royal Harmony Phileutonia by, among other things, acquiring funds, resources and material matters with which the association can be helped. Friends make it possible for the association to invest in the most important resources needed to guarantee the future of the association:

  • Training of youth and enthusing for wind music. “Music makes smart”
  • Purchase and maintenance of instruments
  • Excellent artistic direction for both training orchestra(s) and wind orchestra;
  • Realization of music projects and interesting concerts.

€ 250 .00 / jaar (yearly invoiced)

All that Good Friends get PLUS

Best Seats

Logo on website and program (if requested)

1 free ticket for concert value max € 25,00


€ 125.00 / jaar (yearly invoiced)

All that Friends get PLUS

Free DVD if available.

First rang seats

1 free ticket for concert value max € 25,00


€ 50.00 / jaar (yearly invoiced)

Digital Newsletter

20% discount tickets

Personal invitation

If available € 10,00 DVD



We also offer the possibility to sponsor special activities such as Eindhoven PROMS in the Eindhoven music building or other concerts. For this you can of course use the packages below, but we offer other possibilities. Also your contribution in the form of sponsoring printed matter, hall rental, transport or such in exchange for our consideration is certainly interesting for both parties. We would be happy to make an appointment to discuss which possibilities you see and what we can offer in return. We are looking for a company that identifies itself with our amateur art and wants to act as main sponsor for our association.

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